Homegrown Music Café - @ St. Gerard Majella Church

 Now in its eighth year, the Homegrown Music Café has established itself as one of Long Island’s premier concert venues. Since its launch in September 2009, the Homegrown stage at St. Gerard Majella Church’s Chapel in Port Jefferson Station has brought our audiences some of the very best musical talent in the region.

   Long Island is a true hot spot of musical talent, and as such, it deserves a quality venue that consistently delivers excellent shows. This is why the organizers of Homegrown Music
 Café have spared no effort in recruiting the best available acts to play on our stage, and invested in a concert-quality sound system that has won repeated accolades. Our efforts to deliver quality will continue unabated through our fourth year and beyond.  

 Since its start, the Homegrown Music Café brought you some of the best-known names in the Long Island and New York Metro music community. Among them were Miles to Dayton, Sonny Meadows, Hank Stone, Katie Pearlman Band, Sunrise Skyline, Caroline Doctorow, Johnny Cuomo and American Idol contestant Erinn Furey. 

    Homegrown Music Café performers do not get paid. They donate their time to help us raise funds for the St. Gerard Majella parish outreach program, which over the years has fed, clad and comforted hundreds of families in need.  

 Every Thursday, the outreach program feeds as many as 100 people at our Stewardship Supper soup kitchen, and each month 72 families pick up food at our community pantry. At Thanksgiving, 130 families receive food baskets, 165 families get food and gifts at Christmas, and 55 families 

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