Homegrown Music Café - @ St. Gerard Majella Church
Artists interested in performing at
Homegrown Music Café

Homegrown shows are on the second Saturday of each month only. There is now show in the months of July or December.

All of our performers are generous enough to donate their time and talent so we can raise the maximum amount of funds for our Parish Outreach Program. If you live outside of the Long Island area and wish to perform, we will reimburse travel expenses. (featured artists only)

Artists are of course welcomed and encouraged to sell merchandise.

We offer a beautiful listening space, an attentive audience and state-of-the-art front of house sound gear as well as full time presence of a professional sound engineer. Backline gear is not included.

Our performance space is large enough to accommodate full band setups including full drum kit. We also offer an artists lounge with light fare and refreshments.

Showcase artist sets are four songs. Featured Artists typically play for 40-45 minutes

"Homegrown Music Cafe features a caring and professional group of people dedicated to delivering to both artist and audience an overall musical experience of the highest standard."
                                             Todd Evans - Hank Stone Band

"The Church is beautiful, the audience Receptive...Everyone at the venue made it feel like home.
The Homegrown Gang have made Homegrown  Music Café into something very special."

                                   Suzanne Ernst - Singer/Songwriter


If you have questions about the Homegrown Music Cafe,  or are an artist interested in more information, contact us here.